Haematology and coagulation

Medical Head of Department:

Dr. med. Sabine Drache
Dr. med. Liane Bronny

Medical Head of Blood group laboratory:
Uwe Henkel

Technical Head of Flow cytometry Department:
Dr. rer. nat. Susanne Deininger

This department centres on conducting all the relevant processes of the areas of heamatology, blood group serology and coagulation analytics.

Blood count tests are initially run on efficient haematology units, while pathological blood counts undergo additional microscopic evaluation. Flow cytometry is used to determine lymphocyte subpopulations, also in an extended profile. Furthermore, the microscopic diagnostics covers parasite detection in the blood (especially malarial parasites) and the testing of joint punctates and other fluids. Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid is also tested using microscopy and flow cytometry in this area.

In addition, apart from the overall coagulation tests coagulation analytics also tests the individual factors and parameters involved in thrombophilia diagnostics. The blood group labaratory performs blood group determinations in the AB0- and Thesus system as well as tests on antibodies against blood group factors.