New assay for salivary cortisol

Change in the required specimen

Dear colleagues,

with effect from 18th of March we will use a new method for the detection of salivary cortisol. The new IDS assay was developed specifically for salivary cortisol and shows an improved sensitivity as well as an increased specificity. By using this new assay, we will be able to provide highly precise results, even in the low concentration range. This is especially helpful for the diagnosis of deficiencies. Please note the new reference ranges on your report.

The new collection tube: Salivette®
A prerequisite for the new assay is, that saliva is collected by using a Salivette®, not by using a Salicap. We provide the Sarstedt Salivette® with immediate effect by our customer service.

>> Download the complete LabInformation "New assay for salivary cortisol"

If you have questions about salivary cortisol, the new method, or the usage of the Sarstedt Salivette®, please contact us for help.

Yours, MVZ Labor Ravensburg