As central laboratory, the MVZ Labor Ravensburg cooperates with numerous decentral and hospital laboratories providing laboratory services and specialist advice for more than 2.000 registered doctors as well as over 100 hospitals in Southern Germany. While our joint laboratory communities concentrate on on-site basic diagnostics, special examinations run in addition also in the central laboratory in Ravensburg.

Analytical requirements from outside Southern Germany will be automatically handled in the central laboratory MVZ Labor Ravensburg.

List of joint laboratory communities:

> Laborgemeinschaft Ostalb - located in Aalen
> Laborgemeinschaft West-Bayern - located in Augsburg, Kempten, Lindenberg, Memmingen and Mindelheim
> Laborgemeinschaft Steigerwald - located in Bad Windsheim and Neustadt a.d. Aisch
> Laborgemeinschaft Biberach - located in Biberach, Ehingen and Ulm
> Laborgemeinschaft Dinkelsbühl - located in Dinkelsbühl
> Laborgemeinschaft Friedrichshafen - located in Friedrichshafen
> Laborgemeinschaft Freudenstadt - located in Freudenstadt
> Laborgemeinschaft Oberallgäu - located in Immenstadt
> Laborgemeinschaft Reutlingen - located in Kusterdingen
> Laborgemeinschaft Kressbronn - located in Lindau
> Laborgemeinschaft Weingarten - located in Ravensburg
> Laborgemeinschaft Rottweil - located in Villingen-Schwenningen