Medical Head of Department:
Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Claudio Kupfahl
Dr. med. Karen-Anja Moder

Scientific Head of Hygienics and Drinking water laboratory:
Mattias Walther (Diplom-Lebensmittelchemiker)
Dr. rer. nat. Angela Späth
Claudia Knab

The laboratory tests relevant to hygiene are based on the current "Guidelines for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention" of the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI), the microbiological-infectiological quality standards (MiQ) for "hospital hygiene tests" of the DGHM, and the checklist of hygiene-relevant environmental tests of the Association of Hygiene Specialists of the Federal Republic of Germany e. V.. Furthermore, drinking water tests are regulated in accordance with the drinking water supply and the recommendations of the Robert-Koch-Institute.

Due to the current shortage of suitable specialized staff for hygiene many institutions have to rely on external advice, in order to meet the statutory requirements and the federal states' hygiene regulations. Therefore apart from performing hygiene-relevant laboratory tests, our specialists in hygiene and environment medicine, microbiology and infection epidemiology contribute by, for example, participating in meetings of the Hygiene Commission and creating expert opinions on special hygiene issues or lending support in inspecting hospitals and other institutions.