About us

The MVZ Labor Ravensburg, formerly Labor Dr. Gärtner & colleagues, has been synonymous with quality-conscious laboratory-based medical diagnostics in Germany for over 70 years. From modest beginnings we have developed from a microbiological test site in a one-room apartment in the year 1947 to being today one of the leading laboratories in Germany directed and overseen by doctors. We thus offer the full range of services made possible by modern medical diagnostics: From laboratory medicine through microbiology to human genetics patients' well-being is at the heart of our work in every test. Employing over 450 staff, each day we provide complete solutions under one roof to meet the demand for the highest analytical quality and competent advice with innovative diagnostic procedures. - By specialists. Collaboratively. Personally.


Limbach Group

As part of the Limbach Group SE since 2015 our laboratory is now integrated into the country's largest laboratory network for medical diagnostics run by doctors. With over 300 specialists at more then 30 laboratory sites the Limbach Group is a competent partner for registered doctors, hospitals and other medical institutions throughout Germany. From basic diagnostics to special analytics supporting doctors in their daily work is the prime objective for achieving the best possible clinical outcome. Excellent expertise, innovative methods and personal medical consultation make up the pillars of our expertise.